Fencing for a Court

One of the services we offer is the installation of court fencing. Court fencing, whether it’s a basketball court, tennis court, or something else provides benefits to both participants and spectators. It also offers some advantages when the court isn’t in use.

Here are some of the attributes a fence will offer to the court and surroundings once it’s built: 


To catch the balls

Having to search for balls is a tedious and time-consuming process that most players would rather avoid. A fence prevents that. A fence also creates a barrier between flying balls and nearby pools, streets, and structures (think: windows). A fence truly is necessary if any of these things are close at hand. But even when they aren’t, a fence can save players valuable play time by reigning in their balls.

Protects bystanders

Sometimes, those who are watching the game or are in the vicinity aren’t paying attention. It’s easy for people to get hit by a ball before they realize what is happening. A fence protects your audience and other bystanders from injury.

Protects the court

A fence can be locked, which means it will keep intruders out, such as skaters and graffiti artists. Fencing will keep domestic animals out, but also wildlife such as coyotes, javelina, jackrabbits, and more. Wildlife can cause problems on the court, for example, if they use it as a bathroom.

Fencing also keeps out encroaching vegetation and debris, such as blowing trash and leaves which can be particularly prolific during desert wind storms. Examining the bottom of a fence after a windy day will show how much waste and debris are prevented from winding up on the court. 


Investing in a court is an investment in your property and lifestyle. But investing in a fence for that court is an investment in the quality of play on that court. The style of fencing can be altered, too. Angled corners, open sides, varying heights, and a variety of materials can provide aesthetic appeal beyond the regular ‘cage’ style of court fencing. 

The best way to explore what kind of fencing options would work best in a situation is to talk to one of our court building experts. We can design a fence built around your needs. Or we can restore an aging fence to its former glory. Beyond that, the court will have a fence which will perform all of the functions required for the court location and circumstances. Give us a call to find out more about fencing and other amenities we can build for your court.