Is it Time to Update Your Tennis Court?

If you own a home or manage a living complex which features a tennis court or other playing surface, you know that eventually it becomes worn, develops cracks, falls into disrepair, and needs rejuvenation. A subpar court will result in problems with game play because of ball trajectory problems. But how can the average person know if it needs repair or simply needs to be resurfaced? Here are some things to consider:

If your tennis court has surface cracks, deeper cracks, low spots, poor drainage, and birdbaths, these are obvious indicators that a tennis court repair is necessary before the resurfacing portion of the project. But, before making decisions about resurfacing, have an expert on court restoration assess your existing court and offer some options and ideas. A pro can steer the project in the direction which best suits your needs, whether it’s saving money, exploring options about expanding types of play, or simply wanting the best tennis court possible.

Hire an expert

In the process of getting bids for the repair and resurfacing job, make sure to check the credentials of the repair company. They may be people with whom you want to develop a working relationship since it is more economical to keep the company on hand and conduct small repairs before they become large ones. You’ll wish for court professionals to be folks you can trust over the long haul.



Resurfacing is a multi-layered project, which ensures the longevity and hardness of the court. It’s also the point in the project where expertise pays off. Cushioning, final painting, and lines complete the court. Restoration or addition of other amenities such as lights, nets, fencing, and more can return the court to pristine condition. The owner should peruse color options and discuss them with the court resurfacing company.

Better play

Your tennis players will notice a vast improvement following a court resurfacing, particularly if repairs were needed or other issues resolved in the restoration process. Amenities such as shade canopies or windscreens will also improve the court experience. A better court will take gameplay to the next level. It will also increase the value of the property and enhance the ambiance.


Court repairs will also improve safety conditions for players. Uneven surfaces, cracks, and pools of water are all dangerous tripping hazards. This is especially so for high-intensity games, or for children who are still developing their coordination skills. If you’re considering a court resurfacing project, we would be happy to help you improve the quality of your court.

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