Why LED Lighting for New and Existing Courts Makes Sense

Lighting is hugely important for your court, whether it’s a tennis court, a basketball court, or something else. Today, we’re going to talk about court lighting in terms of both new and replacement applications. Lighting has changed dramatically in the last few years and continues to move forward quickly in terms of cost and technological advances. With this in mind, here are some factors to consider.

New court lighting

If you’re in the process of building a new court, proper lighting is a crucial component. It keeps players safe and extends gameplay after dark. Of course, you want the new lights to conform to outdoor tennis court lighting standards. But, it’s also essential to consider lighting as a long term investment. Not only in terms of initial capital outlay but also the operating and maintenance costs down the road.

Replacement lighting


A variety of factors can damage court lighting. Age, sun rot, corrosion, and vandalism are some of the reasons a court owner may decide to replace old lighting. Regardless of the reason, wise court management makes it imperative to examine the possibility of retrofitting or changing out the fixtures.


Beyond the fixtures, lumens are essential when it comes to court lighting. Lumens represent the amount of illumination. After a lifetime of thinking in watts, which is the amount of energy used. We have to be willing to switch our thinking to lumens when considering court lighting because it’s a much larger scale of consumption than the family chandelier. Factor in not only the number of lumens, but the cost to purchase, install, and maintain the desired level of lighting throughout the fixture life. Realistically, if a court owner can afford it, LED technology is the way to go. LED lighting is vastly superior in terms of lumens produced, operating cost and longevity. The price of LED lights has steadily fallen. While all lighting isn’t created equal, LED lighting makes sense providing it’s installed correctly.

Each court situation is unique. But, LED lighting provides enough savings to make it a worthwhile candidate for lighting new courts, and for retrofitting or replacing old lighting in existing courts. If the cost of operating old court lights is digging hard into your budget, it may be time to consider LED lighting.

Whether it’s a new court of an existing court, if you’re looking into lighting options, give us a call. We can help you factor what you need to make your court look its best.

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