Why You Want a Bocce Ball Court

Bocce is an ancient game, but one which is a fun family game you can play in your yard. The rules are simple, and since a typical bocce ball weighs about two pounds, most kids and even seniors find them easy to roll. Here are some of the reasons people enjoy bocce:


It’s easy to learn

Bocce is so easy that it only takes a few seconds for the average person to catch on how to play the game. As a result, a player can become a part of a team without having to learn a complex set of rules.

Also, a player doesn’t have to keep track of his progress, since the game is a team sport, so progress is made as a team. The less attentive (not as sober) teammates don’t have to worry about which ball belongs to them.

Great exercise

Bocce gets everyone in the family moving, even the couch potato. Your dad can play, as well as your grandma! In fact, it’s a popular game at senior centers, where it offers the chance for seniors to enjoy the camaraderie of teamwork and exercise.

He might be older, but my grandpa might be able to kick your butt in bocce!

He might be older, but my grandpa might be able to kick your butt in bocce!

Experience makes it more fun

While learning how to play is easy, mastering bocce is more complicated. So, when a player learns how to play, they can spend years playing, but it doesn’t give them an extraordinary edge over newer players since there is quite a lot of wildcat strategy involved.

Building a court in your yard has advantages

Building a court in your yard has some distinct and not-so-obvious advantages. For example, most yards are large enough to have a bocce court without any problems, as they can be any size. A regulation bocce court is 91 feet long. Once a court is built, you have a game which almost everyone can play with minimal effort and expense.

Adding a bocce court cuts down on the amount of landscaping a homeowner has to maintain, as well. Members of the family who used to spend that time doing landscape maintenance can enjoy it playing the game with any other family member, from two to eight people at one time, which will strengthen their family bonds.

Since it’s such a casual, low-key game, it’s easy to draw in enough people for a team at a party or gathering, even the shyest attendee, making those who would otherwise spend their time playing with the family dog feel welcome and included.

If you think a bocce court might be just what you need in your yard, why not give us a call and set up a consultation? Bocce will bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your future backyard barbecues and parties.

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