Tennis Court Resurfacing, Repairs, and Coating

Tennis court resurfacing, repairs, line marking, and coating will renovate an existing court and provide a pristine play surface. We restore tennis, basketball, pickleball, and bocce courts to like new condition, thus ensuring they will remain worry-free for years to come.  Don’t let an old court create an eyesore on your property! Call us for a free estimate on repairs and resurfacing.



Basketball Court Repairs and Resurfacing

Whether a basketball court is full-sized and home to a team, or a private back yard court, we can renovate a whole spectrum of court types. We also restore combination courts, for those facilities which have a court which provides more than one sport.



Pickleball Court Resurfacing, Repairs, and Coating

We repair and resurface pickleball courts. Even if you are looking to switch up or restructure an existing court to add pickleball to the court, we can help. Pickleball is all the rage, and a great court will get all the attention it deserves.



Bocce Ball Court Resurfacing, Repairs, and Coating

Resurfacing a bocce ball court will restore play to a whole level. Our quality bocce court reconstruction creates a beautiful, low maintenance court.


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