Indoor & Outdoor Basketball Court Builder: Court Tile Flooring Design & Installation Across the Southwest

From the small home court to the stadium court, CourtMaster Sports has the best skills and resources possible to create a high-quality basketball court for private or professional play.

Let our team work with you to create the basketball court you want, indoors or out.  We also repair and resurface courts of all types.


Our Basketball Court Services Include complete court construction and design/build.


Basketball Court Flooring Options


We provide a complete range of basketball court surface options. Whether your court is indoors or out, we have a surface solution to meet your play needs.



Basketball Court FAQs:

What does building a basketball court in my backyard entail?

Our expert will schedule an onsite inspection at the proposed site to determine terrain conditions, easements, and access before the design  process. We will then build the court of your dreams, including a slab, court components, and flooring. Within a week, you’ll need a basketball.


What are the most common basketball court sizes?

An NBA or college regulation court is 94’ X 50’. A high school court is 84’ X 50’. A half court is often used for home and practice courts.


How much does it cost to build an indoor basketball court?

There are a multitude of factors which will determine the cost of an indoor court, including the size of the court and the desired features. An estimate, however, is free.


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