Pickleball Court Construction Across the Southwest


Pickleball is a fast-growing sport and courts are in high demand. As pickleball is a sport which can be played by people of all ages, and because the court isn’t as big as a tennis court, pickleball courts are becoming a popular option. It’s also easy to add pickleball court lines to an existing tennis court or convert a tennis court to a pickleball court.

For those who want complete court construction, we offer a variety of surfaces and amenities which will supply years of enjoyment for pickleball players. We provide the same great color combinations that are available for tennis courts.

If you’re interested in adding a pickleball court to your sports amenities, or want to add pickleball court lines to your tennis courts to get the maximum value and usage from your court space, contact us today!


Our Pickleball Court Services Include:

  • Complete court construction and design/build

  • New Post-tensioned concrete courts

  • New Clay courts

  • Fencing, Lighting, Windscreens, and Amenities

  • Complete conversion from Tennis to Pickleball

  • Striping of Pickleball courts



Pickleball Court FAQs:


What is the recommended area for Pickleball courts?


The total area needed for a 20’ X 40’ court area is 30’ X 60’ minimum; however, 34’ X 64’ is much better.


Can we play Tennis and Pickleball on the same court?


Yes, and frequently unused tennis courts are snagged by pickleball players who need a court to play.


Can we convert a Tennis court into Pickleball courts?


Not only can tennis course be converted to pickleball courts, but they can be used interchangeably.


What kinds of surfaces are available?


The same surfaces which are available for tennis courts are also available for pickleball courts.


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